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The first FCBH Group Leaders in South Sudan

The Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), E2E and Talking Bibles Workshop was organized by Bible Society in South Sudan and was hosted at Aron International Hotel, Juba, from 1st to 5th July, 2019. The workshop was planned for 20 Participants, but those who turned up were 15 (13 male and 2 female). Though 6 Churches/Denominations (ECSS, RCC, SPC, SPCC, SDA and AIC) were invited, only 3 (ECSS, SPC and SDA) turned up. Though 4 Languages (Bari [major language], Moru [medium language], Jur Modo [minor language], and Anyuak [minor language] were targeted, but 5 languages turned up (Bari, Moru, Jur Modo, Anyuak and Dinka).FCBH and TBs were to be taught, but only FCBH was taught (Edi of TBs did not turn up for the workshop). Mr. John Kayima, the BSU FCBH Coordinator was the sole Facilitator for the workshop. 

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